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Breast Expansion Artists Club
United States
Warning! This club caters to adult tastes! Underage and/or purists are advised to hit your back-button now!

Welcome welcome one and all, to the bountiful brassire of ballooning bustlines! The Breast Expansion Artists Club.

=Note, this club is by no means, affiliated with sites like the Breast Expansion Archive. Anybody is free to join, given that you like breast expansion, ^^;=

What is it exactly? Well, this is the process in which the female chest undergoes a size change, growing larger. As in, a LOT larger. And quickly too.

This group is here to gather together people who like and appriciate, *and fantasize about* swelling boobs. If you don't like, I suggest you leave. Otherwise, come in and explore!


Hey everyone, it's :icontigerpillow:! Just want to let everyone know that if your account gets banned for any reason on DA, you WILL be removed from our club. This will help us stay away from questionable people, and also keep our inbox and friends list clean. If your account gets reinstated, then hit us up again to rejoin. Also if we receive any of these phishing comments, your account will be blocked and if you are a member you will be removed. People won't be victimized from this account </b>

Want to join? You must have a liking for the female chest! XD Besides that, the following rules apply...
1: Send us a note with 'Join' in the title. We'll note you back once you're in.
2: Make sure to watch us, and put our icon in your journal!
3: Play nice with the other members. Visit their galleies and comment!

No, not in the dominatrix term. Have some art you want to share? They must meet the following guidelines...
1: Plenty of sites out there have pictures of ladies with huge boobs. What we're looking for are pictures of females who are EXPERIENCING Growth. Or a before-and-after picture. Or a pic in which previous growth had happened beforehand, *shocked expression, ripped shirts* Those work too.
2: There is no limit on just WHO or WHAT is undergoing BE. It can be a human, a furry, an anime, game, or original character. Characitures of real people though, you'll need their permission first before submitting. Unless the person happens to be yourself.
3: This is BREAST Expansion. General body inflation doesn't apply. I'm certian there are other clubs on here for that.
4: The method doesn't matter. Air, liquid, lactation, or just sudden unexplained growth. Long as we can SEE them getting bigger, it's no biggie. Nothing sick though.
5: Also, this club is for Artists. No photos or photo-morphing. We might make an extreme exception if you happen to be a female whose chest is growing and you'd like to keep us updated with photos of yourself, ^^;;

Now, for actual submitting!
1: Send us a note with the address of the deviation you're wanting to submit. Since we can't Fave a member's art, this is the next best thing.
2: We'll then save your picture, and re-upload it onto the club account, along with original description and credits.
3: You can submit as many pics as you like, as long as they apply to the criteria above. Sending in multi-page series is okay too.
4: If you had art that was faved by us before you became a member, we'll save/reupload those pics immediately.

Members list can be found here.…

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We hope you enjoy your stay!

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